Ways to Help Lower Back Pain Caused by Sitting

Lower back pain isn’t only caused by injury. If you sit for extensive periods of time, such as at your job, you may develop lower back pain. This is because your back muscles need to move to stay strong and flexible. The following are some ways to help lower back pain caused by extensive sitting.

Relieve back pain that occurs while sittingMassage therapy can help with lower back pain by releasing tight muscles caused from remaining in one position for long periods of time. Muscles become tight and inflexible, causing pain. A good massage by a licensed therapist can ease this pain. A good massage can be relaxing to your entire body and also can help reduce stress and tension. When you are relaxed, you are less likely to tighten up your muscles, including those in your back.

Therapy exercise eases lower back pain by stretching little-used muscles and strengthening the core. When core muscles in the abdomen and back are strong, there is less of a chance for back pain to take over. You can get a list of exercises from a physical therapist, or you can try a class or home video with exercises such as Pilates or yoga. These techniques will not only stretch tight muscles, reducing pain, but these stretching exercises can strengthen your core muscles as well. Exercising also releases natural endorphins, which help you to feel good.

Premier Health Chiropractors can align the bones in your spine to relieve lower back pain. Premier Health Chiropractors have certified family chiropractic clinics in your area, including Bloomington, Minneapolis, Plymouth, St Paul, South St Paul and West St Paul. Our emphasis is on the back and spine so you can be sure you have a doctor experienced with low back pain.

Massage therapy, therapy exercise, and family chiropractic care all are useful in relieving your lower back pain from extended periods of sitting. Choose the method that is right for you. It is good to remember that you may need more than one appointment at whichever method you choose. To prevent lower back pain from recurring, keep up with maintenance on your massages, exercises or chiropractic care.

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