Benefits of Nutritional Counseling

nutritional-counselingNutritional counseling is a health assessment performed by a physician or by a certified nutritionist, which analyzes a patient’s individual health needs in relation to their diet and exercise plan or rather the lack thereof. Nutritional counseling is on the rise among professionals like doctors and chiropractors because it has proven to be a tremendous help to a wide array of patients with a vast number of health problems such as obesity, cancer, HIV, musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, migraines, heart disease and diabetes.

Individuals who receive nutritional counseling are known to experience a vast number of benefits ranging from increased life expectancy, increased concentration, and better sleep habits to the prevention or reduction in the likelihood of developing or contracting certain diseases. However, for chiropractic patients the benefits are much more centered on the musculoskeletal system and the problems associated with it.

Nutritional counseling by a chiropractor or nutritionist can help patients with ailments like arthritis, obesity and muscle strain or weaknesses, understand how their diet and exercise plan affects their health. Nutritional counseling can help patients understand that the foods they eat and the amount of exercise they get directly affects the body’s ability to protect and heal itself. Nutritional counseling will help patients to understand how a good diet, an active lifestyle and daily vitamins can help to control the body’s pain and inflammation response, improve mobility and joint functions, help to treat and prevent such things as rheumatoid arthritis, bone-loss, muscle tears and a host of other musculoskeletal issues.

Probably the biggest culprit of musculoskeletal problems today is obesity. A significantly large portion of the population in this country is significantly over-weight or obese. Even children are suffering from the ailments brought on by childhood obesity. The dangers of obesity and its effects on the human body are almost limitless. Obesity can trigger many problems from migraines to heart disease, and many common conditions such as arthritis, muscle strain or aliment problems within the skeletal system. These are made worse by the stress of excessive additional weight that may be added to the body. High amounts of excess weight stress the muscles, bones, ligaments and the internal organs, especially the heart, above what is safe. The effects of obesity are long lasting, especially as we grow older.

Incorporating nutritional counseling into treatment for chiropractic patients who are obese can significantly help them in their battle to control their weight. It also helps them control how much pain they experience, the recovery time from an injury and the lasting effects that an injury will have on them. The straightforward fact is that the healthier a person is the better he or she will be able to recuperate from health problems. Nutritional counseling can also help Premier Health Chiropractor’s patients understand how additionally important it is for their children to establish proper eating and exercise habits. Proper nutritional counseling now can help save future generations from succumbing to injuries exacerbated by a lifestyle of poor diet and exercise habits.

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