Benefits of Sports Chiropractic

sports-injuryMany athletes and those that train for sports find sports chiropractic care an effective treatment for injuries. These treatments concentrate on the whole problem without the person needing surgery. Premier Health Chiropractors can give the patient exercises to treat the injury and prevent further damage. This helps them heal from the injury and also condition the body to prevent the injury from reoccurring.

Often, our care involves corrective exercises and treatments. Premier Health Chiropractors know a wide variety of techniques that help with different types of injury. It is often used to treat back and neck painfrom sports injuries and car accidents. Chiropractic care is a holistic way of treating a patient. Sports chiropractic promotes exercise and healthy diet.

Some of the treatments offered are spinal adjustments to help relieve pain. Patients often feel less pain after their chiropractic adjustments and treatments. Premier Health Chiropractors treat any number of injuries from running, whiplash, wrists, knees, legs, arms and shoulders. Our chiropractors will meet with you to determine what treatment is best for your injury. We want to relive pain as quickly as possible, so our patients can continue their life as if never being injured.

Most sports chiropractic treatments involves muscle testing for flexibility and movement. Plans usually involve a combination of physical, manual and orthopedic therapies. Muscle and soft tissue therapy is frequently involved in sports injury. This helps athletes because they are constantly and repetitiously working these parts of their body.

Premier Health Chiropractors will introduce exercises that help you heal and keep the injury from happening again. There are a number of treatments to help manage pain without medications and surgery.Cold laser therapy involves a patient being subjected to low levels of laser light. This help with the pain and inflammation of the injury. It often requires several treatments to be effective and helps the body repair tissue to start the healing process.

Extremity adjustments means adjusting joints in the jaws, ribs, shoulders, back, hips, knees, and other areas. We do this to relive pain of the injury and help your muscles and bones function at optimal levels. These treatments are very successful with all any type of athletes. They helps our patients recover quickly from all manner of sprains and injuries when competing or playing sports.

Chiropractic care is perfect for young and older athlete alike. Chiropractic treatments bring alignment and balance to the spine and body. Our patient’s performances improve because their body is in better balance, bringing improvement to their speed, strength, and agility. Chiropractic sports care helps athletes of all ages excel and improve. Even if you don’t currently have an injury, visit Premier Health Chiropractors and learn how to prevent sports injuries and improve performance by trying some of the effective treatments we offer.