Auto/Car Injuries

Auto injuries are no laughing matter. Contact us for best care you can possibly receive from auto/car injuries.

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Work Injuries

If you've been injured at work, chances are you're fully covered through your insurance. Contact us today to learn more.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy heals your body and allows it to relax. This helps us cope with stress in a much more manageable way.

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After many years of going to the Dr. for pain related to my curvature of the spine, I decided to try going to a chiropractor to see if there was anything they could do for me. Dr. Gina and I were surprised at how well my body has responded to the treatments. It's been 3 months and I'm pain free! I wish I would have done this years ago!

Mary Jo C.
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October 27

TMJ disorder is very common and is most often diagnosed after a visit to the dentist. TMJ, or the temporomandibular joint, connects your jawbone to your skull. TMJ disorders can often cause pain in the jaw and in the muscles that control jaw movement. The pain may be caused by a wide variety of problems, such as a jaw injury or even arthritis. If you clench down on your teeth or grind in your sleep, you could also develop TMJ disorder. Thankfully, chiropractic care can be the perfect solution!

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  • Cure Neck Pain
  • Heal Back Pain
  • Relieve Stress Related Migraine
  • Prevent Disease
  • Balance Your Nervous System
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