7 Tips for Staying Healthy Over The Holidays

Although the holidays bring happiness to most people, it is important to pay attention to your stress levels as well as your mental and physical health during this season. With busy schedules, meals to prepare, gifts to buy and presents to wrap, the holidays can easily make you feel overwhelmed. In addition to stress, it is also more common to catch a cold or the flu around the holidays. With the holidays approaching fast, now is a perfect time to pause and focus on your wellness and happiness. Assessing your stress now will help you make it through the holidays season happier and healthier. Follow these tips to help yourself feel healthier and more relaxed this holiday season.

  1. Only eat the holiday foods you really enjoy. The holiday season always brings an array of decadent food that you probably do not eat during the rest of the year. With so many options, it is easy to overload your plate without thinking twice.
  2. Balance alcoholic drinks with plenty of water. Staying hydrated is important at any time of year, but it is especially important during the holidays when many traditional drinks contain alcohol. Not only will staying hydrated make you feel better, it will also keep your immune system strong, which is helpful for fighting off illnesses.
  3. Remember to get a little exercise. The holidays can take up a lot of time and throw off your normal routines, such as your exercise regimen. Exercise reduces stress and gives you a perfect opportunity to refocus your attention on your health. It is easy to get a little exercise by taking a walk around the neighborhood after a family meal.
  4. Balance unhealthy foods with fresh fruits and vegetables. Many holiday dishes with fruits or vegetables are not as healthy as they seem. If fresh fruits and veggies will not be featured in your family’s holiday spread, bring a veggie tray or salad to make sure there are healthy alternatives to balance out the sweets.
  5. Treat yourself to some relaxation. During the holidays, it is easy to focus all of your attention on finding the perfect gift for other people. Although it will take time out of your holiday schedule, planning a visit to a spa or making an appointment to see your chiropractor will give you an opportunity to slow down for a moment and focus on your health.
  6. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep should always be a priority, but holidays plans can often keep you from getting enough sleep. Getting enough sleep helps your immune system and makes you feel less stressed during busy days.
  7. Give the gift of relaxation. If you need a last-minute holiday gift, skip the mall and consider giving someone a gift certificate for a spa day, massage or even a chiropractic appointment! Many people who would benefit from seeing a chiropractor may be hesitant to make an appointment for themselves. Help a friend or relative get their first massage or chiropractic experience by treating them to an appointment with Premier Health.

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