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PlymouthNeck pain is as prevalent and as debilitating as back pain, and can often share a lot similar sources. We see a lot of people from all kinds of working backgrounds, both heavy manual labor and office work, suffering from neck pain, and we help them all. It can of course also result from long term conditions and injuries as well as regular wear and tear, and these are situations we are very familiar with, and something we also have a lot of experience working with. When you have neck pain strong or light, it can also lead to other pains and discomforts, and sometimes the person is not even aware that those discomforts could have stemmed from the neck discomfort first.

Whatever the cause – we identify it and then we develop a personalized treatment plan for our patients that sets them on the road to either recovery or handling their condition, or both. Something can be done to help you.

Here at our Plymouth location, as well as our other clinic locations, we enjoy working with our patients to ensure that they get the most out of their treatment plan, so that if they have a long term condition (such as long-term neck pain or discomfort) the pain gets handled; and if they are recovering from an injury that their recovery is helped as much as possible.

If you are living in Plymouth or the surrounding area and you are suffering from neck pain, the absolute best thing that you can do is call us today and set an appointment. We know that we can help you to handle both the symptoms and the underlying condition they point to.

Neck Pain Plymouth

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