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Richfield – If you have ever had head pain, whether it be a migraine, a headache, or something else, you will know how much it can impact on your ability to function. If you handle it with over the counter medication it doesn’t necessarily make you any better able to function – it may alleviate the pain, but the chance of being able to work constructively while taking pain pills is definitely going to diminish (such as the other reactions that can come from them – all of the drowsiness or tiredness or sometimes even dopey feeling that can come after taking them).

We take an angle of approach that looks to address the condition that causes the symptoms (as an example, head pain), and once we have identified that, then we work out what is going to be the best treatment program for our patient. We get great results, whether it be speeding someone’s recovery from an injury, or handling a chronic condition, or something that needs a more short-term handling. Whatever the case, we find the cause and we treat it.

Every patient needs the personal touch, and a treatment program designed to best help them, and this is what we provide. If you have head pain and you’re here in Richfield or close by, come see us. You will know that you are in the hands of professionals from the moment that you step through the door, during your appointment with the chiropractor, and afterward.

We are proud to be of service to those who live in the Richfield community, and those in the surrounding area. We have already helped a lot of people and we look forward to helping more. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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