Causes of Arthritis

arthritisArthritis is a painful inflammation and stiffness of joints. It’s one of the leading problems in America that’s an offset into other problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and other ailments. Although Arthritis comes in over 100 different forms, the most common is osteoarthritis, which includes degenerative joints usually caused by major trauma and infection. Here are a few symptoms to help you diagnosis these problems.

Things that are constantly associated with arthritis include levels of pain, joint stiffness, poor sleep, weight loss, muscle aches, difficulty moving joints, and more. Arthritis can get to a level of very visual effects such as bursitis, diarrhea, and ocular inflammation. The physical effects of arthritis impairs the body to the point where it really hurts to stay in shape. That’s why a lot of people with arthritis have decreased muscle capacity and loss of flexibility. These factors can create other long term health problems down the road. From a social perspective, people with arthritis tend to stay less involved with the community due to the strain on the body. However, there are methods to help you deal with your arthritis.

Premier Health Chiropractors are an excellent resource to help out with your arthritis. You can get regular physical therapy to help build range of motion to your swollen joints. We can put you on a specific program to help bring muscle relief. You can get assistance with exercise equipment such as using bikes, leg presses, and other machines to help with your rehabilitation. We strive to provide you with great habits for rebuilding your fatigued muscles and will find the right stretches to relief you of the pain felt in your joints. Not only that, but we also help find the root of your problem such as oddities in your spine alignment and other things that could cause severe joint pain.

It’s very important to see a doctor immediately after you feel signs and symptoms so they do not become worse. Getting diagnosed early will help save a lot of heartache and other things that could result from severe arthritis. You don’t want to become older and less active as this can lead to traumatic conditions in your later years. Seeking help from Premier Health Chiropractors and getting on a good workout regimen will help to keep your muscles strong even through all of the pain. It’ll help you sustain more of a normal life.

Contact us today and find out how we can help relieve arthritis pain.

Back Pain

Causes of Back Pain

causes-of-back-painMost people consult with their family doctor for back pain. Often, the family practitioner will refer their patient to a professional chiropractic doctor, such as Premier Health Chiropractors, who specialize in treating back pain. Our professional chiropractic doctors are experienced at manipulating and adjusting the spine for patients to treat the back pain. Chiropractic treatment is not a new science. In fact, Chiropractic medicine has been around for a long time and should be utilized in conjunction with more traditional medical treatment.

Back pain is a problem for millions of people across the country. It tells the individual that something in their spinal area is out of alignment or requires immediate attention. The biggest problem occurs when people take a pill to dull the pain instead of trying to get to the root of the back pain problem. In this situation, the person’s total well-being is at stake. It is important to cure the problem before there is a decline in health.

Commonly, back pain is caused by some type of stress that is placed on the joints. This might result in a disc hernia. A disc hernia can lead to even more pain and problems down the line. Stress builds up in the area and quickly increases pain and muscle spasms. Aging might also cause back pain. The bones become brittle with age. The bones start to deteriorate and are unable to provide support. In fact, osteoporosis is the leading cause of back pain in some older patients. Some back pain is related to an injury. This injury might be due to an accident, picking up heavy objects improperly, or an injury related tosports. It is easy to see that there are numerous reasons why an individual suffers with back pain.

The most effective way to treat back pain is with special treatment provided by a licensed chiropractor. A chiropractic doctor is a specialist who is equipped to treat back pain. Chiropractic medicine is considered a non-traditional method to treat back pain. Premier Health Chiropractors treat the patient by using certain spinal chiropractic adjustment techniques along with manual massage therapy to adjust the patient’s spine. Some chiropractic professionals also use corrective exercise and nutritional counseling to help the patient ease back pain.

Chiropractic medicine is considered a very safe and effective way to treat most back pain. It is certainly much safer than undergoing surgery or taking harmful drugs that might cause further problems to the patient. Chiropractic treatment is perfect for the individual who is seeking an alternative way to treat their mild to chronic back pain problems. Chiropractic doctors have a vast knowledge of the spinal area and how it relates to back pain. Chiropractic methods used by these professionals have been found very effective in reducing or completely stopping back pain. The patients who seek regular spinal alignment, along with exercise, and proper pain management are certainly on the way to ending the cycle of pain and living a pain-free life.

Tips for Preventing Lower Back Pain

Carpal Tunnel

Causes of Carpal Tunnel

carpal-tunnelIn this day and age of computers, touch screen phones and other hand held devices, carpal tunnel syndrome plays more and more of a role in people’s lives. However, what most people don’t know is that it can be treated and prevented if caught early with chiropractic care. In this article we’ll look at what carpal tunnel syndrome is, what the symptoms are and what chiropractic care, such that is provided by Premier Health Chiropractors, can do to alleviate the issue.

Your hand is comprised of many nerves and tendons. The main nerve, or median nerve, runs through a small opening in your wrist called the carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome (or CTS) is a condition where the carpal tunnel is reduced in size through swelling or other factors that put pressure on the median nerve. This pressure can have many different causes, such as illnesses, pregnancy, obesity, repetitive motions, wrist injuries or smoking.

The pressure that CTS causes can be very debilitating. Numbness, tingling, weakness, or pains in the fingers or hand are the common symptoms of CTS. Trying to open a jar or grab a heavy item only to realize that your hand doesn’t work can put a damper on your day. Some have even described feeling pain shooting up their forearm from their wrist to their elbow. Often these symptoms present themselves at night when the body is settling down and the adrenaline from the day is wearing off. The pain that might not have been noticed during the busy moments of a daily routine can usually be felt once we start to relax.

Typical treatments for CTS include prescription drugs from a doctor and even surgery in severe cases. But more and more people are looking for alternative and less invasive ways to treat CTS. Chiropractic careoffers a holistic approach to this issue. Usually, a chiropractor will look at not just the wrist area but the upper spine as well, since the nerves that lead to the arms and hands originate in this area. Many times the symptoms of CTS can be traced back to a misalignment in the upper vertebrae. Doctors of chiropractic (DC’s) will recommend adjustments of the wrist joint, possible adjustments of the upper spine, mobilizing the wrist joint through exercises such as yoga and icing the area to reduce swelling. In several case studies, increases in grip strength as well as a decrease in symptoms were noted by patients after chiropractic care.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can destroy your normal day, but it doesn’t have to. With non-invasive and healthy chiropractic treatments, the symptoms can be reduced and the quality of life improved. Contact Premier Health Chiropractors to discuss how you can begin healing carpal tunnel syndrome today.

Chronic Headaches

Causes of Chronic Headaches

causes-of-chronic-headachesI’m sure most people can say that they have experienced headaches from time to time, but if it’s a recurring headache happening daily, you could be suffering from chronic headaches. Chronic headaches can be the most debilitating form of headaches because of their severity. Hundreds of thousands of people experience chronic headaches each year. The good news is most headaches are not caused from life-threatening medical conditions.

When you have a headache, it is neither the bones of the head nor the tissues of the brain that are causing pain. These areas do not have pain fibers, and therefore cannot cause pain. It can actually be any of the several nerve endings that run from the scalp to the face, jaw and throat. Another common area causing a headache is the muscles of the head and the blood-vessels at the base of the brain. Both areas contain fragile nerve fibers.

For headaches to be deemed as chronic, they would need to occur at least 15 days a month for 3 months. Chronic headaches are not their own classification of headache, but instead usually one or a combination of both tension and migraine headaches. It is unfortunate, but there is little traditional medicine can do for the chronic headache sufferer. Studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments can decrease how often people experience these headaches, as well as the duration of the headache. With spinal manipulation and soft tissue therapy, patients have shown dramatic improvement.

Premier Health Chiropractors can perform spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments to help with spinal function, as well as lessen the stress on your system. They can also provide you with nutritional counseling, massage therapy and or stress therapies to help lessen chronic headache pain.

There are many reasons that a chiropractor may be your best bet in the case of chronic headaches. Sometimes the vertebrae of the spine start to move out of place or lose their range of motion for one of many reasons. This misalignment puts pressure on the many nerves leading to and away from the brain. Premier Health Chiropractors can assist in getting them back in place by using gentle and highly skilledadjustment techniques.

Chiropractic treatments also deal with many contributory factors. These factors may include relief of restrictive movement in the neck, muscle tension in the neck, upper back, and shoulders. This will help also correct any postural problems that may influence the occurrence of both migraine and tension headaches.

Nearly three quarters of people in the United States experience headaches. Unfortunately only 1 to 2 percent of people visit their chiropractor for chronic headache relief. Some of the most wonderful successes chiropractor therapy has shown are in treating chronic headaches. A study ending in 1978 reviewed headache chiropractor treatments since 1923 and found a success rate between 72 and 90 percent. The benefits had seemed to last for years after the treatments. If you, or somebody you know, suffer from chronic headaches, make the call to your local Premier Health Chiropractor. It may just be the call that changes your life.

Disc Compression

Causes of Disc Compression

causes-of-disc-compressionDisc compression, which is also known as a bulging, ruptured, slipped, prolapsed or herniated disc, is when the nerves coming out of one or more discs is placed under unusual pressure. This debilitating, painful condition is caused when the gelatin like pads between the vertebrae become misshapen due to deterioration, constant strain or sudden impact with a hard object. Disc compression can cause severe, recurring back pain or permanent damage to parts of the back and spine. A compressed disc may be cause by aging, improper diet, smoking, carrying great weights, automobile accidents or falls and it’s important they are taken care of as soon as symptoms occur.

People of above average height or who are morbidly obese are also at increased risks for developing compressed discs. The strain of the excess weight can cause the disc sack to begin to break down or become misshapen or compressed. The discs themselves are composed of cartilage with a jelly like solution in the center. The discs act like shock absorbers which prevent the vertebrae from rubbing against each other and pinching the nerves. As such, they are called intervertebral discs. The breakdown of these discs leads to excruciating pain.

There are several ways to treat problems with the discs. One of the safest, least expensive and most effective is chiropractic manipulation. Many people who choose chiropractic to treat their compressed, bulging or herniated discs are able to get instant relief. The chiropractors of Premier Health Chiropractors are able to do this by properly aligning the spine. This takes the pressure off the nerves and puts it on the discs as the system is designed to function. For most people this is enough to reduce or completely eliminate the pain and enable them to gradually return to their normal life.

In some cases the patient requires a series of treatments to reduce disc compression. In those situations our chiropractors will perform a series of spinal adjustments to return the appropriate intersegment disc spacing. The use of repetition of properly directed pressure by our chiropractors gradually reduces the compression of the disc and returns the spine to its natural balance. The earlier the patient receives treatment the better off they will be. The first sign of a problem is usually numbness or tingling in the legs, buttocks and back. As soon as those symptoms appear the sufferer should see a chiropractor.

Research has shown that spinal manipulation and chiropractic care is a safe, effective way to treat pain in all areas of the back. Premier Health Chiropractors are able to use their hands to affect spinal manipulation to restore proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure of the body. Our chiropractors are able to help the body heal itself without the use of dangerous drugs. Many people choose chiropractic because it is safe, effective, and reduces the need for unnecessary surgeries.

Disc Herniation

Causes of Disc Herniation

causes-of-herniated-discAn intervertebral disc is a cartilaginous joint that lies between each vertebrae of the spine. The discs are small and spongy, serving two primary purposes. The disc acts to absorb shock and holds the vertebrae together, allowing for a degree of flexibility of the spine. Occasionally, a disc may bulge or break open. This creates a herniated disc, slipped disc or ruptured disc. There are two primary causes of a disc herniation.

The most common cause of a disc herniation is disc degeneration from aging. After years of general wear and tear, the intervertebral discs can lose some of the fluid that helps maintain the flexibility of the spine. General wear and tear of the spinal discs can be caused, for example, by jobs that require an individual to remain in a sitting position or to constantly squat. The second most common cause of a herniated disc is caused by spinal trauma or injury. Sudden strain or pressure to the lower area of the back can cause the disc’s nucleus to be forced out through the disc’s outer layer. Something as simple as a strong sneeze or a sudden twisting movement can cause this type of injury.

Individuals who perform certain activities repeatedly can cause injury to the spine. Activities that can lend to spinal injury include lifting significant amounts of weight while employing poor lifting habits, prolonged exposure to vacillation, and some sports related activities.

When other methods of treatment have failed, individuals who suffer from disc herniation can often be relieved of their pain through chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is often deemed to be an alternative medicine, but in some cases it has even proven to be an effective alternative to spinal surgery. Benefits include long-term pain relief and help in restoring natural spinal joint function.

The crux of chiropractic treatment for a herniated disc focuses on lessening the root of the pain and involves spine realignment. The chiropractic method may require more time to relieve the symptoms; however as opposed to the temporary relief offered by physicians, the result of chiropractic methods is usually more long-term. Initial treatment offered by a Premier Health Chiropractors is totally painless and could include the application of ice and a distraction technique. This method primarily concentrates on reducing swelling associated with the herniated disc and reduction of pressure.

Subsequent to the reduction of pressure and swelling resulting in reduced pain, realignment of the spine usually takes place. Using chiropractic realignment techniques, the natural spinal joint function can be more restored. The individual’s natural movement is slowly regained while the swelling and irritation associated with the disc herniation begin to subside. Individuals who suffer pain as the result of a spinal disc herniation can often find a good alternative toward relief by undergoing chiropractic care. Though effects may vary from patient to patient, most individuals who receive chiropractic treatment for this medical condition usually experience positive results.

Muscle Spasms

Causes of Muscle Spasms

causes-of-muscle-spasmsA muscle spasm is caused when the muscle suddenly and involuntarily contracts. It is very often a painful experience. There are several causes of a muscle spasm. Spasms can occur when you exhaust a muscle through overuse. If the muscle has been forced to hold one position for a long period of time then the cells of the muscle can lose fluid and become tired. This can cause the muscle to develop a spasm.

The overuse of a muscle can be a problem for all types of professions. From athletes who are training too hard to construction worker who are required to work in hot climates for a prolonged amount of time, the repetition and overuse of a muscle can cause it to spasm out of control. It can also be a problem for people who are mowing the grass or shoveling snow because spasms very often occur in the large muscles that are used to perform the task.

In addition, muscle spasms can occur in muscles that aren’t often used and are then put to work, such as starting an exercise routine and using muscles that haven’t been used in years. The new stress on the muscle can cause the muscle spasms. It is believed that the dehydration of muscles through the loss of electrolytes can also lead to muscle spasms. Muscle spasms can be very painful and many people seek relief through medication as well as application of heat and ice on the muscle.

On another note, many people find relief from muscle spasms through chiropractic care. Premier Health Chiropractors use noninvasive techniques that utilize joint manipulation as well as massage and muscle stretching to treat the muscle spasm. Our chiropractic treatments include procedures to correct the alignment of the spine and to restore balance to the body. The manipulation of the joints and muscles by our chiropractors is believed to improve the ability of the muscles to receive nutrients and to improve blood flow. This replenishes the fluid in the muscle and removes the cause of the muscle spasm.

Chiropractic care is a gentle and noninvasive alternative to traditional medicine. The benefits of chiropractic care include relief from pain, a reduction in muscle spasms, an increase in mobility and an improved posture, among others. Much like a traditional doctor, when you visit a Premier Health Chiropractor, they will begin treatment on the area that is giving you pain. Once this problem is taken care of, our chiropractors will treat other areas of your body as a method of prevention. This is a good way to avoid suffering from muscle spasms in the future. If you have a muscle area you have worked to the point of exhaustion, visit Premier Health Chiropractors and greatly reducing the amount of pain that you experience from muscle spasms.

Neck Pain

Causes of Neck Pain

causes-of-neck-painHaving neck pain can change your entire life. It will affect the way you go about everyday activities, therefore affecting your mood and your attitude toward the people around you. In order to prevent neck pain, it is important to understand the causes. If you are overusing your neck muscles, this can cause major pain. As time moves on, especially depending on your level of activity, your joints will wear down more and more. Osteoarthritis is often a result of worn joints.

Herniated disks or bone spurs are another very common cause of neck pain. These things will take up a lot of space in the vertebrae of your neck. Because there is not enough space, the nerves will be pressed against and they will branch out, mainly from the spinal cord. Excessive hunching of the shoulders is one of the main causes of neck pain. Other minute activities like reading a book or unconsciously gritting your teeth can cause a lot of neck pain.

Being in a rear end automobile collision or high impact sports collisions are two of the highest causes of neck pain. When the head is whipped back and forth too quickly, this often causes whiplash. The aftermath of whiplash stretches the soft tissue in the neck. The soft tissue is often stretched too far for the neck to handle, which can cause excruciating pain in the neck.

Rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis and cancer are often causes of neck pain. The side effects of these diseases affect the muscles in the neck. If you have any of these problems with your neck, chiropractic therapy is highly suggested. Chiropractors manipulate the spine in order to make other joints and muscles in the body feel better. When chiropractic methods are used, the end gold is that we strive to make the body feel better with no need of surgery or medication. It is also a pain relief for the troubled muscles.

Many people are skeptical of chiropractic methods until they actually try it. There are endless benefits to getting chiropractic for neck pain. Chiropractic treatment has been considered some of the safest back treatment available. It is especially safe, and effective, for lower back pain. Lower back pain can arise from moving furniture, getting tackled in a sport the wrong way, or lifting from your back instead of lifting from your knees. Lower back pain, or acute back pain, normally goes away on it’s on, but it may take up to six weeks. With chiropractic care, this pain could go away faster.

Not only does chiropractic care relieve back pain, it can relieve the headaches associated with back problems. Premier Health Chiropractors will give patients a full plan to treat their back and neck pain. These plans will usually include specifics from every aspect of the patient’s life that can help with neck pain. So remember, the next time your neck is in pain, stay away from surgery and medications, and start healing your body the all-natural way.

Tips for Preventing Back & Neck Pain

Pinched Nerves

Causes of Pinched Nerves

causes-of-pinched-nervesThere may come a time when a person experiences a condition known as a “pinched nerve.” This injury occurs when the tissues near a nerve causes an excessive amount of pressure to be placed on the nerve. In many cases, the cause may be identified as a nerve that has become inflamed or is irritated.

The reason for this condition may be a result of the bones, muscles or joints not being in correct alignment or not moving appropriately. A person with arthritis may experience one from bone spurs. This can happen to people who have a ganglion cyst. A pinched nerve can also occur any place on the body were the nerve is in close proximity to bones, as well as other tissues.

When a person has this condition, the inflammation is interrupting the flow of nutrients to the nerve. It impedes the signals that travel between the brain and nerve. If a pinched nerve is not corrected immediately, it can lead to serious health consequences.

Some of the symptoms associated with experiencing a pinched nerve are numbness and tingling, muscle spasms, radiating pain, muscle weakness and more. Such symptoms have been known to increase when a person is sleeping. In some cases the symptoms will cease after a few days of rest. When this doesn’t work, it’s best to immediately seek medical treatment. Chiropractic care has a very high success rate when treating such a condition.

During a chiropractic examination, many parts of the body will be checked in addition to the affected area. This is because the source of the pinched nerve may originate from a place on the body that is away from the affected area. A person’s overall health will also be taken into consideration. Any conditions that may have contributed to experiencing the pinched nerve will be discussed.

Our goal for your chiropractic care when treating a pinched nerve is to reduce the pressure on the nerve. This will be done by causing the muscles in the area of the inflamed pinched nerve to relax. There are situations where a pinched nerve can be successfully treated with massage and physical therapy. If the cause is determined to be from a joint being out of place, Premier Health Chiropractors will start you on a schedule to perform a series of spinal adjustments.

During a spinal adjustment, our chiropractors will treat the affected area and apply pressure directly to the tissue. This will discharge the tension. The procedure may require our chiropractors to treat many different pressure points. If an injury is severe, the chiropractor may perform additional tests including a nerve conduction velocity study. This test is designed to show any possible nerve damage in the affected area.

Once proper chiropractic care is received, and the pressure is relieved, the affected nerve is able to once again work properly. A pinched nerve that is treated soon after the injury seldom develops complications. If it is left untreated for a long period of time, it could develop complications like permanent nerve damage, chronic pain and more.

Sciatica Pain

Causes of Sciatica Pain

causes-of-sciatica-nerve-painSciatica is a form of nerve pain that a person usually feels in their lower extremities starting in the lower lumbar area of the back, down behind the thigh, and on down to the back of the knee. The sciatica nerve is the biggest nerve in the human body.

Sciatica nerve pain is usually caused by some kind of disc problem where the disc is irritated or pinching a nerve in the back. It can also be caused by things like tumors, infection, muscle damage, bone injury, or even the weight of pregnancy. Some people get sciatica nerve pain due to a degenerative problem such as arthritis, disease, or trauma from an injury. In order to get the right sort of treatment for sciatica nerve pain, Premier Health Chiropractors will review the patient’s medical history and perform a full physical.

Sciatica nerve pain causes sensations such as numbness, tingling, and burning feelings that will not only attack the back, but the buttocks, hip and legs. It can make it very hard to walk or bend over. The pain of sciatica is treated in several ways and one of those methods is chiropractic treatment. In fact, sciatica nerve pain is a very common treatment in chiropractic care. The chiropractic care principle is to decrease the compression on the sciatica nerve in order to relieve the pain. Premier Health Chiropractors do this by adjusting the skeletal positions and biomechanics. This gives better joint mobility and releases the nerves, helping the body heal so the symptoms lessen.

There are several advantages to chiropractic care over regular medication or surgery. The main advantage is that it uses no drugs. This is the safest method of treatment. It focuses on trying to relieve the symptoms and pain to help the joints back into balanced and normal working conditions. Our chiropractors take a special, hands-on-approach to our patient’s treatments. This “adjustment” is done with a precise thrust of the hand onto a joint area that is meant to realign the skeleton in the right and most optimal position.

Chiropractic treatment is meant to help a person’s body heal by itself and uses the idea that if a person has restricted spinal movement, then it causes pain and makes the person have less function in various parts of their body. It may take several chiropractic adjustments to get rid of a person’s sciatica nerve pain, but our chiropractic clinics are here to focus on your pain and discomfort, and treat your body to a full, lasting recovery.

Shoulder Pain

Causes of Shoulder Pain

causes-of-shoulder-painShoulder pain is a common discomfort for most people at some point in their lives. Since arms are in constant motion, the repetitive movements of daily life, like typing on a computer or even carrying children, can lead to pain in the shoulders. Learn how common and serious shoulder pain is caused and how you can treat the discomfort with the use of chiropractic care.

Most shoulder pain is not caused by a true injury, like a torn rotator cuff or dislocation. Rather, shoulder pain most often occurs in individuals who do things with their arms that put strain on muscles or joints on a daily basis. Since the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, anything from lifting heavy boxes at work to sitting at a desk all day writing up reports can lead to irritating shoulder pain that just won’t go away.

Shoulder pain can also be caused by an injury, such as a dislocated shoulder or a muscle tear. However shoulder pain presents itself, there are many benefits in chiropractic care that can help the pain dissipate. Beneficial treatment can be administered for your specific shoulder needs to get you back in better health and feeling great.

Premier Health Chiropractors can help your shoulder pain in many ways, depending on what your pain stems from (injury or repetition). Common chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain includes the manipulation of the vertebrae in the spine back into proper alignment so the shoulder joint can sit properly. This beneficial treatment both eases pain and swelling associated with a sore shoulder. Our chiropractors can also align the neck so it better supports the shoulder to prevent further injury or pain. Return visits may be needed to eliminate your pain depending on how severe your shoulder pain is or how long you have suffered from it.

Along with placing the shoulder back in proper alignment, a chiropractor can also administer acupressure to help relieve the swollen joints and can guide you with home remedies to ease pain and swelling to allow yourself to heal more promptly. Rather than focusing on just masking the pain in your shoulder, a chiropractor’s goal is to remedy what is causing your pain in the first place.

The benefit of chiropractic care for your shoulder pain is in allowing the body to heal naturally after the pain’s source has been identified. Whether it is simple bone manipulation or pressure relief for shoulder pain, a chiropractor can get you quickly back to health without intrusion. It’s important to see a chiropractor before the pain gets too severe, so you can be diagnosed quickly and rid yourself of discomfort before you do any more damage to your most mobile joint.

If you have shoulder pain, whether it is caused by daily activity or serious injury, a chiropractor can help you find relief from your unrelenting pain. It’s unlikely that your shoulder pain will go away on its own, and seeking chiropractic treatment is an effective and natural way to make you feel like yourself again.

Sports Injury

Causes of Sports Injury

causes-or-sports-injuriesWhether you are a professional athlete or an amateur, you can experience the so called sports injury. In fact, even if you are an ordinary person who is at work or at home, you can suffer from one. This may happen when you twist an ankle or land on the wrong foot while running. Usually, when people get injured, they try to relieve the pain and reduce swelling by applying a cold compress to the affected area. Though this is effective, it may take some time to heal completely. However, chiropractic can allow soft tissues to recover, adjust, and realign so as to help you get back to your daily, normal activities as soon as you can.

For athletes and other fitness enthusiasts, sports injuries are typically caused by wrong use of equipment, incorrect execution of warm up exercises, over-estimating fitness, strength, and endurance levels, not abiding to the safety precautions required for the sport or using a poor technique. For ordinary people, sports injuries are a result of landing on the wrong foot when walking or running, wrong twist of ankles while running, or incorrect way of lifting.

Chiropractic health care focuses on the relationship between a patient’s health and the main structures of the body which are the muscles, skeleton, and nerves. It emphasizes on holistic care because chiropractors do not perform surgeries or prescribe drugs. Even so, chiropractors may refer patients for services such as these in case the need arises.

Most people opt for Chiropractic whenever they experience pain in the back, neck, and joints because chiropractic care effectively reduces pain in these areas.

Premier Health Chiropractors effectively relieve and manage various types of pain such as leg pain, shoulder and elbow pain, arm and wrist pain, ankle, foot, and knee pain, back and neck pain, migraine headaches and carpel tunnel syndrome. Our chiropractors also help relieve stress disorders, sleeping disorders, arthritis pain, chronic injuries, bursitis, and fibromyalgia.

It is possible for athletes and amateur players to get injured anytime they play their favorite sport. Anyone who acquires sport injuries can benefit from chiropractic treatment. It can relieve pain caused by any kind of sport injury. Prolonged uses of medicines that are intended for pain have long term side effects to the liver and kidney. For this reason, most athletes look for alternatives such as chiropractic care to address their pain, which is caused by sport related injuries.

Sports chiropractors teach athletes about preventive care of accidents that may happen in the future by including stretches and essential routines. With the right information, they can work out safely. Regular chiropractic care can both restore and maintain balance in your body, allowing you to live life to the fullest. This does not only address sports related injuries, but other health conditions as there are many other factors that may cause stress in our daily lives.


Causes of Subluxation

schmerzende wirbelsäuleIn the chiropractic field, subluxation is a misalignment of a spinal vertebrae bones. Major symptoms include overall joint pain with stiffness, dizziness, lack of energy, general malaise, posture imbalance, neck and back stiffness or soreness, spine muscle spasms, constant headaches, and lessening of mobility. Earlier diagnosis of subluxation was identified as a pinch nerve, which has sense been discounted. Subluxation is, more often than not, diagnosed through the discipline of chiropractic treatments and is studied by other medical disciplines through what chiropractors discover.

What chiropractors have discovered is that there are five serious conditions which result from subluxation conditions. The whole sublaxation condition is termed as the “vertebral subluxation complex (“VSC”). The VSC includes spinal kinesiopathology which restricts bending and turning movements or neuropathophysiology movements, which greatly affects the nervous system and affects other parts of the body.

Other conditions consist of myopathology which affects the surrounding muscles of the spine in the form of spasms, atrophy and a painful tightening sensation. Histopathology is a serious condition from subluxation which causes back discs to herniate and become quite inflamed. Lastly, bone spurs are formed which affect the spinal joints in a condition which is known as spinal pathophysiology.

Quite often a subluxation condition is the result of being born or just being an active child or adult. Falls, accidents, improper exercise positions, lifting things improperly, and stress or bad posture all contribute to a spine’s misaligned positions. Subluxation of the spinal cord gravely affect the nervous system because they are connected together and communicate with other major parts of the body.

Internal areas that can be affected by dislocated spinal vertebrates involve the digestive system, the heart and the lungs. When spinal vertebrae bones are dislocated from their normal position and cause limited movement, this can lead to a systemic interference to the body’s nervous system, which vertebrae bones harbor and protect.

Subluxation can be corrected through chiropractic adjustment treatments which reduce nerve ending obstructions and gives patient more energy and the joy of less pain. In some cases, seeing a chiropractor for subluxation conditions which have been present for a while, will require patients to see the practitioner for several correcting adjustments. Continual adjustments will help to retrain the muscles to readjust back to their original functioning positions.

Premier Health Chiropractors will ask our patients to change their lifestyle habits to improve subluxation conditions and changes which will prevent a misalignment of the spine. Lifestyle changes which improve or help prevent subluxation include drinking more water to hydrate the organs of the body, blood and tissues. Eating more organic or natural foods always improves conditions of the body, while also reducing or eliminating sugars, fats and alcohol. Reducing as much stress in your life as you can is always beneficial to the mind, body and soul. Contact Premier Health Chiropractors for more information.


Causes of Whiplash

causes-of-whiplashWhiplash can be a devastating injury to have to suffer with as it is oftentimes hard to have properly diagnosed. Traditional forms of medication and treatment throw the patient in to an almost endless cycle of pain medication and other forms of therapy that never bring about true and complete relief. Whiplash is not a condition to let go to chance and ultimately the condition will not improve on its own. This is why those who have whiplash need to not suffer needlessly when help and treatment from chiropractors is available.

Whiplash for many can occur when involved in a motor vehicle accident. However, many people are shocked to realize that even mild cases of whiplash can happen just by simply turning your head too fast in one direction, being knocked down, falling or even being jostled around while riding a roller coaster or other type of fast moving ride.

Those who have suffered whiplash and continue to live a daily life that is riddled with neck pain and discomfort can seek out relief through the use of chiropractic services. In fact, a chiropractor is trained and thus specializes in the alignment of the bones and muscles of the body which is precisely what the result of whiplash is. This is why a chiropractor can help bring about a solution to your whiplash issue in a way that is devoid of invasive procedures, harsh medication and countless medical procedures that are exploratory in nature.

A chiropractor can work with you on a one on one basis to determine the extent of your injury. This will help get an understanding of how the injury occurred and what additional damage may have been inflicted in the days, weeks, months or even years following such an injury. If left untreated, whiplash can get worse over time and thus make the condition even more detrimental to your overall well-being. This will impact your life in ways that are hard to deal with as the pain can become debilitating at times.

Once you find an established, trusted and professional chiropractor to visit, you need to make that all important first appointment for an assessment and discussion of a treatment plan. From that point, Premier Health Chiropractors will work with you to develop a schedule that fits in to your lifestyle while also having the most positive and beneficial impact on your condition. Our chiropractors will have x-rays and scans performed at your first meeting to make sure that no addition damage is present.

Once you begin treatment, your chiropractor will work on your neck and shoulder area; and possibly even portions of your back, to get your body back into its natural alignment that you had prior to suffering whiplash. This is the ultimate goal as you want to get back to the way you were prior to the incident or accident, returning your body to the normal mobility, flexibility and pain free life you enjoyed prior to suffering whiplash.

Wrist Pain

Causes of Wrist Pain

causes-of-wrist-painWe use our hands for virtually everything we do throughout the day. Pain in our wrist can not only be a nuisance, but debilitating. The wrist is not a single joint, but a structure including eight small bones, tendons, muscles, and ligament. Damage to any of these parts greatly affects the complex movements we perform with our wrists and cause pain. A sprain is a very common injury and cause of wrist pain.

Sprains are the result of damage to the ligaments in the wrist and can occur from a fall or everyday activities. Sprains are categorized based on severity of damage. The pain from a sprain extends past the time of the actual injury and can worsen over time. It may also be coupled with swelling, warm feeling, bruising, and a tearing sensation.

Arthritis is commonly associated with people of a mature age, though also found in the joints of patients who perform repetitive motion tasks. It is defined as inflammation of the joints and separated into two types, those being osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a progressive disease in which the cartilage is worn in the joint over time. This causes significant pain and weakness. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that attacks multiple joints throughout the body. Instead of fighting infection, the body attacks healthy tissue by damaging ligaments, cartilage, and causing bones to soften.

On both sides of your forearm there are muscles that at the point where they attach to the bone form tendons. They offer stability for finger movement and also allow wrist motion in all directions. These tendons sit in a groove and, when repetitively used, can cause microscopic tears. The muscles then tighten and cause inflammation of the tendons, called “tendonitis”. Symptoms of tendonitis include pain, stiffness, decreased strength, and a reduction in range of motion.

Near the wrist is a median nerve that is situated between several tendons and runs along the forearm to the hand. The nerve is connected to the thumb and first three fingers. This narrow area that the nerve passes through is called the carpal tunnel. Anything that causes pressure to be placed on the nerve and restricts the space causes carpal tunnel syndrome. The result is loss of feeling and pain which tend to be worse at night. Carpal tunnel syndrome is commonly treated with surgery since, as pain increases, any activities that require repetitive motion have to be limited. This can greatly interfere in daily tasks and affect a person’s ability to perform their work duties.

Wrist pain is related to imbalance in structure that can be remedied through adjustment by Premier Health Chiropractors. The misalignment or stress on the wrist can be treated by manual manipulation and patient education. Our chiropractor’s expertise in the area of mobility is a valuable resource for patients interested in not only treating wrist pain, but preventing further damage. Stretching and manipulations in conjunction can be effective enough to even prevent the necessity of surgery for many of these conditions associated with wrist pain.